Friday, September 29, 2006

New Toy

The Pink Princess got a new toy today. It's a Turbo Twist Math Handheld from LeapFrog. I've got to admit, I love these LeapFrog products. It looked like a fun way to get my stubborn little girl to practice her math which she seems to be struggling with, primarily because she simply doesn't think she can do it.

And it's working.

She spent over an hour doing math this evening with this new toy. She thinks it's a game, and she is getting faster and faster and faster. She has a big smile on her face, and she laughs every time she gets one right. This toy is FULL of positive affirmations, and you program it with her name, so a voice says "Great Job!" while her name flashes on the screen. It's also very cool because you can select specific things to work on. For example, The Pink Princess is being quizzed on +3 math problems at school, so you can program it to only give +3 math problems. So cool.

Anyway, I know she has only had it for a few hours, and unfortunately, the thing may end up by the wayside like so many other toys have. But for now, it's motivating her, and THAT, is fantastic.

BTW, the retail price is $29.99, but I paid $19.99 at Wal-Mart. I looked at getting it on E-bay, but by the time you add in shipping, it cost just as much as the one at Wal-Mart -- and most of the time it was used.

So that's the latest in The Pink Princess' life. I'm hoping to have her start posting here in the next week or two.

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