Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Turn!

Hello there. For the most part, my parents have been writing everything. Now its my turn! Its my blog so now I'm taking over. (For the most part.) I can tell this will be fun! Now, almost everything will be in my own words! Yes!

I guess I'll begin by introducing myself. (As if you didn't know me already.) I am almost 11 years old and I love reading. If you hadn't read any good books for a while, why not try The Last Dragon series. It's really good. We have (we meaning my family) have been going to the library. It is really fun.

Like one of the last posts my dad did says: I HATE homework. I think its really boring. Once I almost fell asleep while doing my math! (Of course, it was late and past my bedtime.) If you want to see why homework bores to death, then you can give me your e-mail adress and I can send you my essay on D-Day.

Writing is really fun and on a good day I can write poems. If you want, give me your e-mail adress and I will send you an excerpt from one of the books I'm currently writing.

If you want to learn more about me, keep reading my blog!

1 comment:

dubby said...

I always hated homework, too. So did my kids. After all, so much of it is for the kids who DON'T understand it, but smart kids like you DO understand it so it is just busy work. If homework were more challenging, it would be more fun.

When Dianna was little, she didn't like homework, but LOVED to do workbooks on new things so she could learn more. Learning is fun.

But no advice, just sympathy, on the homework.