Saturday, February 18, 2012

Questions That It Would Be Really Nice To Know The Answers To.

Here are some questions. If you have answers to them, please comment and tell me your answer. Oh, and while you're at it, why not subscribe? :D Alright, here we go.
Why can't cows fly? Do pigs like microwaves? How long is the average giraffe neck? Why are most birds small? Why can't dragons and unicorns live happily together? Why does smashed avacado taste better than not-smashed? Is it catfish tastes like chicken or chicken tastes like catfish? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do squirrel burritos taste good? Are papyrus scrolls edible? Why cant donuts talk? Is it possible to fill a swimming pool with hot chocolate? Can you go ice skating on frozen sprite? Can you make ice sculptures out of spit? What is the difference between red and green? What does it feel like to melt? Why do people put pom-poms on hats? Why do spikes hurt? Has Yoda ever tried a taco or a milkshake? What makes cupcakes so yummy? Why are crows scary? Do pens have names? Do vampires really sparkle? What is the difference between a shrew and lemming?
Thank you for your time. I'd really appreciate some answers. Thanks!


Olivia said...

sugar makes cupcakes so yummy :) I don't think squirrel burritos would taste very good and if vampires were real maybe they would sparkle. :)

Olivia said...

Okay I have almost all the answers now (sort of):
Cow don't fly because they don;t have anything on them that could help them fly.
Pigs probably do not like microwaves (but I'm not a pig so I on;t know.)
Giraffe neck? no idea.
Most birds are small because their ancestors were small? ish?
Dragons and unicorns cant live happily together cuz dragons are mean, mostly, and unicorns are nice, mostly.
Avacado? hey, im wondering about that too.
Catfish and chicken i have no answer.
Chicken or egg, im thinking the chicken.
donuts cant talk because they do not have a brain nor a mouth -_-
Yes. It is. Get ready to mix a LOT of hot chocolate.
Technically you cant, because it would be frozen sprite skating since ice is frozen water.
Once again, with the ice is frozen water. technically no, it would be a frozen spit sculpture.
The difference between red and green - do i really have to gie miss lloyds lesson on light again? i think you know.
Feel like to melt? here, ask this popsicle.
Peple put pom poms on hats cause they look good.
Spikes hurt becasue the point digs into your skin and then the nerves send a message to your brain and... yeah ask miss lloyd about that im sure she has a very lengthy and detailed description for you. Yoda is a puppet so no he hasn't. Crows are kinda scary cause black is kinda scary i guess and also their sharp beaks.
pens only have names if you name them.
Shrew and a lemming? well they have different names i would assume they're different... otherwise they would both be called a shrew or both a lemming.

wow i just wasted a whole lot of time answering those so hope you're hapy lol :)